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A Start for a Brighter Tomorrow

Since 1981 our mission is to change the lives of homeless families by providing them with the encouragement and the tools for achieving self-sufficiency.

Important Notice:


As of July 1, 2021 OC Gateway to Housing will officially become part of Families Forward, an organization which, like us, provides valuable services and housing to Orange County homeless families.  OCGH Executive Director, Laura Miller will be consulting with Families Forward, and our Board President, Judy Cooper will be joining Families Forward’s board of directors.


We look back in pride at what we have accomplished since Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter opened its doors in 1981.  Driven by our passion for the mission, the hard work of our boards, staff and the talented and dedicated members of the FOCIS board, we have changed the lives of thousands of homeless families. Most importantly, without the generosity of supporters and funders we could never have succeeded. 

Now in our partnership with Families Forward, we can continue our work and expand our services to meet the needs of families in crisis.  If you are not familiar with Families Forward, you will be impressed by what you see on their website www.families-forward.org.  

This new union will expand the array of services now needed to respond to Covid-19 and the devastating effects of this long pandemic. The need has never been more pressing, and when supporters and funders join forces with us, our impact can become much greater.  

If you would like to know more about this transition, we are always available to share our enthusiasm and vision for the future.  

With deepest appreciation for your long-standing support,

Judy Cooper

Judy Cooper

Board President

OC Gateway to Housing


Laura Miller

Laura Miller

Executive Director

OC Gateway to Housing