In 1981, Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter was founded to address the needs of homeless families. During that time the agency provided tangibles such as food, housing and clothing through our shelter but much more was needed.  In 2015, the shelter building was sold and proceeds were used to purchase condominiums, to provide transitional housing for homeless families throughout Orange County, California. The organization then changed its name to OC Gateway to Housing (OCGH) since we were no longer solely a shelter.  In 2017, the Friends of Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter (FOCIS), an independent fundraising board, merged with the OCGH board. 


The OCGH program allows us to quickly place families in stable housing as we help them work towards becoming self-supporting. Data has shown that this approach is more effective than other models in preventing most families from becoming homeless again.

OCGH currently maintains a scattered-site transitional program of condominiums in the Orange County area and provides families with case management, subsidized child care, life skills guidance, as well as on-site mental health therapy from a licensed practitioner. 

OCGH does not receive government funding for its transitional housing program, so we rely on private donations to sustain these important services.

Watch this short video to learn more about the mission of OC Gateway to Housing. If you wish to see a longer, more in-depth version of this video, click here.

Listen to the KSBR radio interview with Executive Director, Laura Miller and Board President, Judy Cooper

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OC Gateway to Housing Board Members:

Judy Cooper, President

Mark Franzen, Treasurer

Barbara Sloate, Secretary

Lois Jacobs

Ellie Palk

Laura Miller,  Executive Director

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